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Forward's Vision Framework

In our effort to redefine "Church", or perhaps simply realign it with back to The Instruction Manual God gave us, we have a very specific culture we are building with a very specific "Vision Framework". By operating through the lens of our 4-Sided "Vision Framework", we can begin to envision a Church that is not bound by the myriad of things that has held the Kingdom back for centuries.

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The Mission of The Forward Church is to bring the Gospel to every Man, Woman, and Child in Northeast Ohio in the context of their everyday lives; rather than forcing them to "come and see" our environments; revolutionizing what the word "Church" will mean to the next generation.

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Core Values

The Core Values of any organization are the "Why" behind the mission that they've set out to achieve. Our Core Values at Forward Are...


Relationships Over Religion 

When we have the choice between growing closer in our relationship to someone or correcting them theologically, we choose the relationship. It is only from a Platform of Love that Truth can be accepted, so we seek to build larger platforms in people's lives rather than pulpits in our own minds.

Progress Over Perfection

We operate under the understanding that we are ALL deeply flawed people. When measuring up ourselves or those around us, we look for growth and lean from legalism.

 Service Over Sitting

 For Decades, the vast majority of Christians in America have been bottled up in buildings, relying on Church services and outreaches to do the work of the "Great Commission" for them. As a result, 95% of Christians report that they have NEVER led a single person to Christ. At Forward, we are about getting the mindset of Christians to shift from internally focused buildings to an externally focused lifestyle.

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The Strategy side of the Vision Framework provides the "How". Our strategy for injecting the Gospel into the everyday lives of people throughout the culture is to completely decentralize the concept of Church by keeping a full calendar of hundreds of events spread throughout all of Northeast Ohio; events that touch on ALL 5 domains of life, and not just the Spiritual. By diversifying our approach, and nullifying the stale environments that the unreached have obviously already said no to, we have the ability to truly reach people wherever they may be in life.

Through the "My Forward Life" App, we then bring that diversified group of people into one forum where we can press Forward as a family; apart from all the unnecssary costs and pitfalls that traditional, building-based Church produces.


Measures provide the "When" to our Vision Framework. At Forward, we have copyrighted a method by which we can always a very accurate pulse on the true growth of every member.

The Forward Life Plan is a comprehensive measure of tangible growth of every individual in our movement, from leaders to first day attenders. 

Click Here to Find out more about The Forward Life Plan.

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