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Imagine Every Part of Life...

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When Forward first launched in the spring of 2011, we wrestled with the question, "What does it really mean to help a person move forward in life?" In the years that followed, we created the "Forward Life Plan". a comprehensive approach to life transformation that focuses on the 5 Facets of a person's Life: Spirituality, Relationships, Health, Finances, and Personal Development (Education/skills).

Over the past 8 years, we have watched lives be transformed through this simple approach, which starts with a "Forward Life Assessment", is followed by a one on one conversation with a Forward leader, and results in a tangible "forward Life Plan" that each individual can walk back into their daily life with.

Because every single one of us has areas where we can improve in each part of life, there are no judgments at Forward. No matter where we might be starting from, we share the common goal of simply moving forward- one step at a time- from that place.

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The 5 "Domains" of Life


Spiritual Domain

Our goal in the Spiritual Domain of life is to Experience a Connection to God That Gives Meaning to Life and Strength Beyond Measure for the Journey Ahead.


Relational Domain

Our goal in the Relational Domain of life is to Experience Genuine and Lasting Bonds With The People Around Us..


Financial Domain

Our goal in the Financial Domain of life is to Enjoy the Freedom of Being Able to Spend, Share, and Save as each of us sees fit.

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Personal Development Domain

Our goal in the Personal Development is to Maintain a Continual Pursuit of Growth in the Areas of Character, Skills, and Education.


Health Domain

Our goal in the Health Domain of life is to Be Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally Fit for the Journey of Life.


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