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Real People connecting in Real Life  for  Real Change

Poetic Mercy: The Dawning of The Forward Church

Poetic Mercy: The Dawning of The Forward Church

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Ever wonder what would happen if people would stop playing Church and start keeping it real?

Forward is group of individuals united by a common vision to bring the gospel into the everyday life of our Culture and redefine what the word "Church" means to the next generation; both for believers and non-believers. With a generation rising up behind us that is utterly disinterested in yesterday's model of "Church", and an "inside-out" missional strategy that has proven completely incapable of reaching the least of these with any sort of statistical effectiveness, missiologists predict that building-based "Church" will be extinct by no later than 2060 in America; some denominations predicting their end as early as 2041. So why not re-define what the word "Church" means to the coming generations? Why not begin the transition from the man-made model of building-based Church and return to the Bible's definition of "Church", as a living-breathing community of people, operating on a street-level to impact every domain of life.? That is The Forward Church vision. And it is one that has already succeeded in reaching thousands of people in the context of their everyday life. Forward has launched a comprehensive network of community events that serve as touchpoints throughout northeast Ohio, all designed to impact one of the 5 domains of a person's life: Spirituality, Relationships, Finances, Health, or Personal Development. The sheer volume of events that populate the "Forward Life Calendar" allows us  to reach out and touch the lives of people, no matter where they are at in their Spiritual journey. From things as simple as a cookout (relational domain), a motorcycle training course (Personal Development domain), or a fitness group (Health Domain) to things that dig a bit deeper such as Bible or Book Studies (Spiritual Domain); people can enter into the Forward community with no religious strings attached. This entire ethos we are creating is drawn together by our "My Forward Life" app, where we live our daily lives in community and encouragement; in fellowship with other people who have made the simple commitment to release the past, seize the day, and press forward from wherever they happen to find themselves at in life. Our leadership core is made up of countless leaders from all denominations, whose diversity brings to the table every Spiritual gift into one leadership team; and our volume of leaders allows us all to serve without ANY need for salaries, so the contributions that Forward receives go directly to serving the public- light bills, gas bills, Church vehicles, or salaries. All of this activity, and "My Forward Life" app culture is designed to compel people toward committing to a "Forward Life Plan." The "Forward Life Plan" is a comprehensive program that looks at every facet of a person's life and then provides a tangible path forward in each. It serves as the discipleship base of the entire Forward Movement, and is completely free...we will even fully finance the Life Steps that require financial assistance. So let's blow the roof off of the Church before the demolition trucks show up to do so in 30 or so years. Let's move forward into the next stage of Christ's Church on earth. No salaries. No pulpits. No flaky religious games, or trivial Church squabbles... Just REAL PEOPLE connecting in REAL LIFE for REAL CHANGE.

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The Forward Life

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A Vision Without A Plan is a Hallucination

The Forward Life Plan is designed to help us get from good intentions to actual results. In every one of our lives, there are 5 different areas, or "Domains" of life that define our overall quality of life. Our Spirituality, our Relationships, our Finances, our Health, and our Personal Development (Character, Skills, and Education). 

Anyone who chooses to take that step into a Forward Life Plan receives an individualized plan to help them move forward in every facet of life. Our budget is focused squarely on fully-funding every step of a person's plan, including a personal coach to guide them along the way.


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Move Your Social Media Life Forward

Download and Join the "Ethos NEO" app on IOS and Android to...

  • Stay in the Loop as to upcoming Forward Life  Events around Northeast Ohio

  • Ditch the Negativity of mainstream social media platforms

  • Connect with a community united by the simple quest to Release the Past, Seize the Day, and Press Forward

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